Appreciation blog for actor Miles Teller, best known for his role as Jason in 'Rabbit Hole' and Willard in 'Footloose'.

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miles teller working out on the set of “Insurgent” 

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Quite an awful interview but he talks about Keleigh?

the interview

I’m pretty jealous right now..

Btw, I love your blog! 

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This wasn’t on the Wikipedia page, so the chance is quite big you haven’t seen those:)


While Choking:


How It Was When You Told Me:


The Musicians (this one actually was on Wikipedia too, I just couldn’t find it earlier lol and wow he drums in this one too, kind of, at least)


well, that’s it haha x

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Hi! I love your blog! Miles is amazing omg

So, I was reading the Wikipedia page about Miles Teller and well I saw he played in some short films, so I decided to look them up.

I thought you would like this too (I don’t know if you have already seen it), because I really really enjoyed watching it, like, let’s talk about these omg


Moonlighters (2004):


A Very Specific Recipe (2007)


The Track Meet (2010)


Just some short films you maybe would enjoy watching (you know why :P)! You can post it on your page if you want to, but of course you don’t have to.

There are some other short films starring Miles Teller, but I can’t find them anywhere (like Whiplash. Can’t find it anywhere *cries*)

bye x Gemma

(tbh I never submit posts so I don’t really know how this works and all bahaha well can’t be that hard, I thought:P )

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emmy0215 ASKED:
this is a weird question but do you know what color eyes miles has? haha i cant tell if they are brown or green?

i see what you mean, sometimes they look brown sometimes green. i think they’re like a greenish-brown? i searched some photos and you can really see it here 

- mallory

Head to your local video store and grab a copy of That Awkward Moment featuring Miles Teller. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend your weekend ;)